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  • Vnet Digital is a fast growing company dealing into responsive & dynamic website design & development.
  • We also specialise in SEO , SEM and other Digital marketing and Branding solutions.
  • We are the leading company in providing cheapest Business email id in India. 
  • You are at the right place so understand the business potential and grab the opportunity.   
  • Business Credibility 
  • Business Identity.
  • Professional approach.
  • Instant Recognition & Branding.
  • Gain Customers Trust
  • Cost effective
  • Accessible Round the clock.  
  • Convenient to Convey.
  • Generate Leads & increase sales
  • Better Marketing Strategies

Frequently asked Question's ?

An office will be an added advantage and the earning potential will be more . You can employ a Marketing team who shall get business for you. With a sales team of minimum 3 employees you can pick up order of more than 40 websites a month.  With an average earning of Rs 8000 per website you can comfortably generate a Business volume of Rs 3 Lac’s per month. 

Yes – You have good contacts , good communication skills and good at sales with good convincing power then you are at the right place at the right time, explore the digital world , educate the people about the importance of website and digital marketing and you earn while you learn . You have a potential of earning more than a Lac per month. Set your platform in the digital world. 

As a freelancer you are also welcome to work from our office. 

Basic Computer Application knowledge is all you need to start this Business. Once you decide to become a part of our team you shall be inducted and trained adequately to generate business. All you need to know is why a website is important for every Business. 

Security Deposit to acquire a Franchise is Rs 25000/- 

The Security deposit can be paid in 2 installments. 

Once you are a Channel Partner you get all the rights to pick up order’s and payments from the Market representing our Brand.  Hence as a security measure we have to adopt to this policy. 

As a Franchise you will be well trained and developed by our Company experts on several aspects of Website building & Digital Marketing. 

We shall also guide you about several ways of generating potential leads through online technology. 

Last but not the least we have a complete Backup team who shall take care of your customers once you have picked up a deal. 

The entire after sales shall be handled from the company end.

Investments & monthly overheads completely depends on the number of sales staff you employ. An average Sales person will get you minimum of 10 website deals .The best part of becoming a franchise is you don’t have to hire a customer service team.

The Security deposit, your office is your Investments and Salary would be your monthly overheads apart from the rent of office if appliable . 

For a Freelancer the investment is just Rs 10000/-.

Apart from  Dynamic & Responsive websites we also have Marketing Digital products for lead generation , Branding etc . 

This shall be communicated to you during the training . 

Today the entire world is getting digital. Everyone is getting aware of this growing market. There are online transactions happening every mini second across the world . Website is become the need of every business module . Majority of people in India are still unaware of the Marketing tool they can posses by having their own websites . Every house wives want to do some business today from home and website becomes their prime requirement . Every Company, Professionals , Businessman, Consultant’s ,Actor’s , Artists everyone in this world need a website . This business is full of opportunity. 

Secondly the investment here is minimal in comparison to other Business Module.

The most important benefit is you will also be entitled for a recurring income every year on the  website you manage. 

You may have many more doubts or queries , do not hesitate.


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