Proper Data Layout

Data & Content presentation in the website should be structured and in proper order . In this way you will make the job of Search engine easier .

No Duplicate Content

The content of the website should be rich & not copied from any other sites . Also avoid duplication of content over different pages & posts. 

Website Load Time

Website speed plays a very important role in the ranking of your website over different search engines. Better the load time better the ranking. 

Responsive Website

Your website should be adaptable with various Browsers , Mobiles & Tabs. The appearance should be clean & readable.

Xml Sitemap Creation & Submission

With a proper XML Sitemap in place the Google Spiders will know the proper structure of your website. This will make the search engines job easier. 

Install Google Search Console

GSC is a free service offered by Google. It helps the website owner to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot any errors in Google Search results. 

Search Engine Index

Always ensure that your site is Indexed and Google crawlers visit your site periodically. Ensure you allow Indexing.

Create Robot.txt file

Robot txt tell the google spiders which are the pages they can crawl . A proper Robot.txt file in the root directory is a must.

SEO friendly Permalinks

Give proper names with keyword’s for all the pages & posts. 

Find Search Engine Crawl Errors

You can find the crawl error’s in the Google Search Console Report. Ensure you fix this asap. 

Install SSL - Https

https:// ensures that your site is secured and online monetary transactions can be safe as the information gets encrypted. 

No Broken Links

Any external link that comes to your site with no page or page expired are called broken links . This has to be avoided.

Fix 404 Error's by Creating One

Create a 404 page and avoid 404 page error by redirection. 

Setup 301 Redirections

Any old pages with old url’s should be cautiously redirected to the new page. 

Setup Bread Crumps Perfectly

Proper “Load More” or ” Read More” extension or button should be set up without any error.   

Set Up AMP Pages

AMP stand for Accelerated Mobile Pages . AMP loads faster then usual pages. 

Website Bounce Rate

Maintain a healthy bounce rate. Visitors should stay in your website for some time and just not hit the back button and bounce out after visiting. 

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